Eating healthily for newbies can be a daunting task. Eating healthily for a newbie that has health complications like managing a chronic disease, living with a restrictive diet, and managing other elements of their life can feel like an impossible task. That is unfortunately why some people fall victim to fad diets, yo-yo dieting, and end up worse than when they started. 

But how does one manage to put themselves in any sort of restrictive lifestyle themselves while dealing with medical, social, and psychological pressures? Navigating daily life while trying to achieve a healthy and fitness goal can get pretty complicated. These are just some of the reasons someone should seek the help of a dietician. 

Dietitians are the experts in the area of Nutrition & Nourishment. Most of us may think of them as someone that treats people with obesity and weight issue, but there is so much more to it. 

A dietician can not only help you navigate healthy foods but also help you navigate healthy foods based on your pre-existing conditions. This may involve managing a chronic disease, re-storing your gut health, managing inflammation, and optimizing your lifestyle so your look and feel your best. We now know that what you eat on a day-to-day basis along with your other daily habits like exercise and meditation have a direct impact on your long-term health.

There are many things in life that we can’t plan for except our health. There are many studies and articles that support a balanced diet and exercise plan leading to a healthier lifestyle. However, it’s hard to put into practice without a plan.

Seeking advice from a Dietitian can help:

1. Create a Customized Plan

Customized meal plan tailored for your specific requirements is the first step to your weigh loss journey.  A customized meal plan takes into account food allergies, caloric intake, protein requirement, food preferences and food intolerances. It gives you the freedom to enjoy foods that you love and make it easier to build a habit around it.

2. Meal Prep

Having a roadmap helps with meal prep, giving you a chance to have have better control of your weight loss. It decreases the time you spend for meal prepping and opens the door for variety foods.

3. Save Money

A customized meal plan saves you time & money by making planning and shopping easier and purposeful.

4. Metabolism Boost

Regular meals and snacks ensure that you have a balanced diet reducing cravings and hunger. It is a great way to reboot the metabolism and creating a healthy habit.

5. Accountability

The continual support/ coaching & guidance helps to keep you accountable and as a result have a better success.

6. Community Building

Being a part of a healthy community is the best part. People are often inspired to achieve their own goals by seeing examples of similar individuals that are further along in their journey. 


If you're looking for personalized guidance with meal planning and nutrition, our partner Sahar Berjis RD MPH (founder of Inner Health & Wellness, is a Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Coach with 17 years of experience in different areas of nutrition. She serves Walnut Creek and the East Bay Area and is an excellent resource for your personalized and nutritional needs.

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