This is the time of year where we are surrounded by comfort foods, sugar cookies, & spiced punch!

It’s important to stick with fresh healthy foods for the majority of  your meals, BUT it’s just as important to allow yourself to have the special treats as well.

We have teamed up with Holistic Nutritionist, Anna Frumkin, to offer you a set of tools that can help with eating mindfully this holiday season below:

Get the 3 tools below:

#1: Holiday foods will NOT be off limits

It is essential that we do not deem any holiday meals as “bad” during the holiday season.

This type of mentality, where we do not allow ourselves to enjoy our favorite foods, can trigger us to binge + overeat.

Holiday Treats

If we do not reframe this, then when we are faced with the pie, stuffing or whatever it is we are afraid to eat, because we feel we will lose control, which can turn into a binge, instead of a single serving.

If your self-talk states that “I am not allowed to have this food” you will trigger yourself to overeat.

Takeaway: Creating food “rules”, during the holidays, can result in a full-on binge to release this stress




#2: Respect your hunger

We need to respect our biological need for food, and by skipping meals the day of a holiday dinner, we can induce a primal need for food, where we are unable to enjoy meals and end up feeling famished.

Eat when you are hungry

If you do not make sure to eat breakfast and lunch, then when the holiday dinner comes around, you will have the tendency to eat too much.

Takeaway: Do not skip meals during the holiday season, respect your hunger.


#3: Learn to not mindlessly eat.

For many, just looking at certain foods can trigger them to overeat, as well as just choosing foods at a holiday dinner that they are not satisfied by, can create an evening of mindlessly eating, think just having the cheese + crackers :).

When at a dinner party during the holidays, stand in areas where food is not in constant sight.

Takeaway: If eating at home, do your best to not have certain foods that could trigger mindless eating. An example of this could be a plate of baked goods, to a bowl of candies.


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Meet Holistic Nutritionist, Anna Frumkin 

Anna Frumkin

If you would like to dive deeper and learn beneficial tools to enjoy the holiday season this year and receive guidance to not overindulge or gain weight, schedule your free call with Anna HERE.

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